GU-43B tube power amplifier

Amplifier build on GU-43B tube

Frequency range: 1,8 MHz up to 28 MHz

Input power range: 25 to 30 Watts

Output power range: 1200 to 1500 Watts

Smooth start, stand alone anode transformer (power supply)

The GU-43B tube is used for wideband power amplification at frequencies up to 100 MHz in RF equipment.

General characteristics:

Operating frequency: < 100MHz


Temperature at envelope (hottest point), °C: 150

Control Grid (G1) Dissipation, W: 5

Screen Grid (G2) Dissipation, W: 28

Anode Dissipation, W: 1000

Peak cathode current (I c ), A: 3.2

CW cathode current (I c ), A: 1

Maximum Screen Grid voltage (Vg2 ), V: 500

"Maximum" Control Grid voltage (Vg1 ), V: -200

Maximum CW Anode voltage (Va ), KV: 3.3

Output capacitance, pF: 10-18

Input capacitance, pF: 80-100

Heater current, A: 6-7.2

Heater voltage, V: 12.6 +/- ?

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