GS-35b tube power amplifier

This is super powerful amplifier build on GS-35b tube which characteristics are:

Intermodulation distortion of the 3rd order -minus 32 dB

Anode Dissipation - 2.5 kW

Grid Dissipation - 26 W

Cathode- Oxide coated Heater voltage - 12,6V

Heater current - 2.95A

Maximum CW Anode voltage -4.0 kV

Maximum Instantaneous value Anode voltage-8.0 kV

Maximum CW Cathode current-1.4 A

Transconductance at Ua= 2.0 kV Ia = 350 mA -->32.5 mA/V

Capacitance Input /Output /Feed-through / -21 pF /4.4 pF/0.12 pF-Max.

Seal and Envelope Temperature -200 C

Maximum Length -177 mm Maximum Diameter -100 mm

Weight with heat sink:2.5 kgs

Input power range from 70 to 80 Watt.

Output power up to 1KWt!

Fequency range from 1.8 to 28 MHz!